Voice and Song Work

I grew up singing and have always loved it for the way it opens me up, and has such wondrous capacity for bringing people together in joy. I sing to heal and affirm and praise.

I love to facilitate ('to make easy') singing, and draw on my own passions for folk and devotional songs and chants from diverse traditions and cultures.

I have led choirs and regular Taize groups. I offer occasional or regular workshops (on request) of voice and song and also love to weave song and sound into my ceremonial work.

I have released three CDs as song-learning resources:

  +  Singing our Greetings and  Farewells - songs and chants of opening and closure
   + Singing the Day and the Seasons - songs taking us through the daily and annual cycles
   + Singing the Cycle of our Lives -  songs which celebrate birth, marriage and death

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A testimonial to the CDs:
'…how beautiful your songs are. I'm listening to them over and over again and they are in my body and heart and everywhere. You've really given us such a gift in making these CDs. A real joy and inspiration.' (Rosie, customer and mother)

'If you can talk you can sing, if you can walk you can dance' Zimbabwean proverb