My Work and Role as Celebrant

It is my joy to create and hold ceremonies of the spirit from the heart. The choice, the freedom and the creativity are yours, with me to guide wherever needed in order to facilitate a beautiful and personally meaningful experience for you and your guests.

Together, we can explore your ideas and dreams, drawing on religious, spiritual, folklore or secular traditions, or creating our own.

A brief explanation of Interfaith Ministry

I am available to all who seek a personally meaningful experience of connection with life and the sacred. This can be for those of faith and those with no affiliation to a specific tradition, for those that explore and seek, and those confidently rooted. Interfaith Ministers affirm the truth at the heart of all religions while celebrating the universality of the love and spirit that pervades all life.

Why I am passionate about offering bespoke ceremonies     

Ceremony and ritual are powerful expressions of beauty, intent, connection, gratitude, honouring, and marking.

The word 'ritual', from its Indo-European root, means 'to fit together'. In potent, soul-touching form, ceremony can allow us to dive deep and soar high.
It creates sacred space in which the totality of us is welcomed, inviting the different aspects of ourselves to find expression; to 'fit together' and thus manifest more and more of our radiance and true nature.

Ceremony is profound gift. Of initiation, transformation and consolidation. It is a sharing in, and communication of what is often beyond words.

I love to mark and honor the cycles of life and nature as well as key life events such as:

weddings  funerals  memorials  baby welcoming/naming  anniversaries (birthdays, adoption etc)  house/land blessing  seasonal events  embracing adulthood  letting go and starting anew  identifying dreams, goals and intentions and actively promoting their reality  accepting in-laws and welcoming step-family members  friendship and community building  preparation for a birth  reconciliation  affirming yourself/others/your place in the world  healing  separation/divorce 

If interested, I can provide information and links to environmentally and ethically-aware organisations for venues, catering, entertainers and gifts.

Fee – Please ask for details, as the cost varies, depending on the type of work or ceremony

'Serving all with an open mind and a loving heart'