Funeral and Memorial Services

It would be my great privilege to work with you to create a deeply personal, beautiful and dignified ceremony for your loved one.

A funeral service acknowledges the transition both for the one who has died and for those left to continue.

Even amidst the turmoil that death can unleash, the opportunity to gather, to grieve and celebrate a life in the way which feels most appropriate, can be profound and healing.

I also offer my services to those who are dying and who might like to share their funeral wishes with me. 
Family and friends can be included too and, from these different perspectives, I sensitively create a service which truly reflects and honours the life of the one approaching death.

'Living Funeral Ceremonies' - this is where I work with you at any point in your life, to record (and create more fully, if desired) your current thoughts and wishes around your own funeral service. This can, of course, be amended at any time and is, in itself, a reflective and enriching process which can also be a final gift of love and care to those you leave behind.

'The memory of your touching service will remain with me always' (Marianne, wife)

'Love is not changed by Death, and nothing is lost and all in the end is harvest' 
– Edith Sitwel