Ceremonies around Birth, Children and Families

Baby/Child Naming and Welcoming 
Pregnancy and Conception
Honouring the Mother-to-Be
Preparation of Parenthood 
Miscarriage and Abortion
Joining as Kin

A Naming or Welcoming Ceremony can be a very special way of honouring the family unit. It can celebrate the birth of a new baby or be a powerful opportunity to acknowledge a new family structure where adoption or step-children/parents are central.

It can include elements of introduction, gratitude and blessing. Such a ceremony can powerfully acknowledge an individual's uniqueness while affirming her place within the web of inter-connection which makes up our relationships, be they through the bonds of blood or love.

The role and intentions of parents, grandparents, god-parents or other supporting adults can be explicitly named and affirmed. 

Children of any age can be named and honoured through ceremony for the profound gift that they are, both to their family of origin and the world.

Miscarriage or Abortion - creating appropriate ritual to acknowledge and take steps towards the healing of loss when a new life does not come to fruition.

 'We would like to thank you very much for making this such a  special day. It was everything we'd hoped for and more! (The baby) loved being the star of the day and was still smiling at 6pm!!' (Sarah, mother, after a Naming Ceremony)

'You have a unique and individual being, incomparable, it has never been before, it will never be again, only you have it, Celebrate it!' (Osho)